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Spin content or Article Spinning is often called paraphrasing. That is, you rewrite the content of an article in different sentences and styles.

Of course, nothing can be compared to unique articles (no one copies separate posts).

But! There’s a big, but the big word first is money. To hire a content writer, it costs about $ 20 per 1,000-word article. To have a niche site must have about 30-40 posts. It is only one site, and if you do many websites, the cost must be up to 4 $ numbers.
In this article, I would like to introduce effective spin tools that many people use is Wordai. This is one of the best spin tools available in the world

WordAi Automatically Rewrites Entire Sentences and Paragraphs

Unlike other spinners, WordAi fully understands what each word content means. It doesn’t view sentences as just a list of words, it views them as real things that interact with each other. This human like understanding allows WordAI to automatically rewrite entire sentences from scratch. This high level of rewriting ensures that Google and Copyscape can’t detect your content while still remaining human readable!

Original Sentence: Nobody has been arrested by the police officers, but the suspect is being interrogated by them.
Automatic Rewrite: Law enforcement are interrogating the defendant, although they have not detained anybody.

WordAi not only understands what each word means, but also how each word interacts with each other
It looks for possible ways to rewrite your article based on what the article truly means
WordAi will often completely rewrite sentences so they share nothing in common with the original sentence
This means your article is unique and can’t be detected by Google as spun content!


Features of Wordai.

If you’ve ever used content spin software, you’ll know that content often gets mixed up but retains the meaning of sentences. However, WordAi has some very cool features that most spin software doesn’t have.

– WordAi may know that a word can have many different meanings.

From there, it can mix synonyms and replace them with another synonym to match the meaning of the sentence. Example A word in English may have several meanings depending on the context in which it is placed. WordAI can recognize that and further reverse those words to create much better content.

– WordAi can automatically rewrite the whole paragraph or sentence in an article you want to spin

There are very few tools that can do this. Most devices mix the meaning of a few words in a sentence. But Wordai can do better than mix other synonyms and combine them into a paragraph.

WordAi not only understands the words in the sentence, but it also recognizes the whole meaning of the phrase as well as its relation to the next sentences in the paragraph.

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