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Que text is leading plagiarism and citation assistant software combining DeepSearch technology with clear feedback to detect duplicate content and prevent plagiarism. With over 1 million users worldwide. Quetext has been helping teachers, students, bloggers, and professional writers improve their writing.
With advanced technology like DeepSearch and focus on keeping notes and writing safe by users, Quetext is a must-have tool in your content repository, whether you’re a good blogger or freelance writer. Academic expert.

It has some of the largest search databases for books, websites, and more than 1 million journals, this citation assistant makes getting through your duplicate content quite tricky.

Overview of features


DeepSearch is the proprietary algorithm of Quetext, making it different from other plagiarism testers.

With DeepSearch, it uses contextual plagiarism instead of the usual phrase matching process to detect the percentage of copied content used by other plagiarism testing tools.

DeepSearch matches a specific phrase in the context of nearby words and phrases (or even sentences) in a paragraph to see if they are copied.

Since the probability of two sets of phrases (or sentences) matches in two separate cases is almost zero, so the chance to get rid of the plagiarism content with Quetext is nearly zero.

This rigorous plagiarism makes it one of the best plagiarism testing tools for teachers and people like me who outsource a lot of content through freelance writers.

Vast database to match the similarities.

Quetext has an extensive, searchable database of 20 million books, 35 billion web pages, and over 1 million academic journals to scan any trace of duplicate content or valid plagiarism. Fruit as it can be.

Most plagiarism testers are free even without a volume of the database that it provides.

Property rights and privacy.

Quetext claims to respect the intellectual properties of users who use their services. No documents uploaded to their database will be stored in their database after you use them.

It also does not require any rights to your material or property to use their services.

Quetext provides multiple upload files.

Quetext provides multiple upload files for easy plagiarism scanning. You can upload up to 5 documents at a time, and supported file formats are PDF, MS Word, and plain text files.

PDF report.

If you are looking for a plagiarism checker that allows you to export PDF reports of scanned documents, Quetext is your job. In fact, with the pro version, you can keep all your stories about every file you scanned for plagiarism and download when needed.

Do not include sources.

Sometimes, you may not want to scan your text and check for similarities with specific sources. Quetext let you do that by excluding the references you don’t want to be displayed in the results. Your content will not be combined with these prohibited sources for traces of duplicate content.

How exactly is Quetext?

If you are wondering how reliable Quetext is, based on what I discovered, the plagiarism detection tool is pretty good. With their massive search volume and DeepSearch  technology, you can be assured of accuracy.


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