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Buzzsumo Group Buy | Content Research and Monitoring Tool – 4.95$


Buzzsumo group buy provides the largest seo tool and sales tool currently in the world. The buzz-sum tool is one of the best search engine marketing tools on the web. Seo Group Buy offers only $ 4.95 / month, you can use buzzsumo version Pro with full features.

What is Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo is a site that offers the most shared content on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on in fixed timelines, where you can get updates. Get the latest trends going on around the world. Before considering whether to pay for the service, for each account registered on Buzzsumo, you have 14 days of experience completely free. The paid version will be very limited.

The essential features of Buzzsumo

Content Research: On this tab, Buzzsumo offers a lot of features so that you can almost do everything with proper content research on the field you are doing.
Influencers: The Influencers tab allows you to find and filter out influencers in your Niche, which can be Bloggers, Experts, Journalists, Influencers, … you can track, or you do SEO. In the pure Whitehat direction, special attention should be paid to this section to find Outreach objects to build backlinks.
Monitoring: If you have known through Google Alerts tool, this feature is similar, but there are better things, you will like it, I will introduce it later with how to apply it for you too 😉
Ok, so the overview of this tool you have grasped, I started to go into how to use each feature.


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