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Audioblocks Group Buy Just 4.95$ Per Month – Unlimited


What is Audioblock? 

Audioblocks is a site dedicated to providing music, sound effects, … for film making, video making is the main. Usually we have to pay ($ 99 / year) for unlimited downloads, but today we will teach people how to download free music on audioblocks easily to make money on YouTube.

Audio block offers unlimited download plan plans and downloads limits for each plan package they are selling on their website. Audiobook has millions of great sounds and effects on their store.

Features of the plan package in the audio block

+ With a limited plan package

You can only download dozens of audio files daily. This package is only suitable for those who do not need to download much.

+ With unlimited download plan package.

You can download the products available on their membership system if you have purchased it.

+ Plan package for third-party services

For 3rd party products, the price will be very high, and it will be exclusive. You can use it to make youtube without worrying about infringing any copyright on audio.

Audiobook will be the intermediary between the seller and the buyer when you want to buy this product.

You can easily download all the audio content available in the plan package that you have purchased anytime you want, anywhere, keep them forever and use them for your media projects or your commercial channels without having to worry about any licensing issues.

How to buy Audioblock?

You only need to register for an account on the audiobook website, then select the month or year plan you want to buy. Next, make a payment and wait for confirmation from the Audioblock support team.

The planned package of Audioblock

+ Monthly plan for individuals

This plan package is for individuals. The meager monthly Subscription price only ranges from $ 9 to $ 15. With Basic Audio’s Monthly Plan, you only cost $ 9. You will have access to an unlimited audiobook member library. Ie, member account is free, and you only have three times to download music each month. Very few times to download music in a month. While Audioblock’s monthly download package is not limited to only $ 15. You will have unlimited library access and unlimited downloads of music, sound effects, and many other products on audio block.

+ Monthly plan package for business.

If you want to maximize your use of Audioblocks, Audioblock also offers you the highest plan package of $ 65 per month. With this plan package. You can download unlimited videos with advanced parameters of the Audio block. This is a very professional package.

+ Annual plan package

If you are thinking of using Audioblocks for a long time, you might consider using an annual service pack. With this plan package, you will receive a 50% discount. This package will save you a lot of money in a year.

Audioblocks offers an unlimited license subscription package for businesses or corporations. You can get quotes through their website if you want to download their unlimited membership library for a fixed price, $ 1 million compensation, full-organization licensing, and license service. Worldwide for your company.

The audio block provides the Service and pledges $ 1 million in compensation and legally guarantees that the content you will purchase from their website will not infringe any intellectual property rights if you are buying the highest plan package. for businesses.

With individual plans, you’ll also have compensation insurance worth up to $ 20,000.


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